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Hangzhou is a very famous tourist city. There are not only the gentle and peaceful water towns in the south of the Yangtze River, but also the ancient gardens with a long history, which indulge the tourists who come here. So do you know which attractions in Hangzhou are most worth visiting? Next, let’s follow the editor to take a look.

You must not miss the West Lake when you go to Hangzhou. It is like the city card of Hangzhou Escort. It is a must-see for many tourists to Hangzhou. Zhonglingyin Temple Hangzhou Lingyin Temple is also a famous attraction. According to legend, Jigong Living Buddha was one of the monks here. The ancient temple is hidden among the towering trees. The beautiful and quiet Qiandao Lake is one of China’s 5a scenic spots and the lake with the most islands in the world.

The broken bridge is not the place where the children of Xu Xian and Miss Bai met. In fact, the overseas Chinese was cut off, but every time there was heavy snow, the first level of the broken bridge was covered by heavy snow, and it looked like broken from a distance. The same, so it later became the name “Broken Bridge Cannot Be”.

Leifeng Pagoda Leifeng Pagoda is located in Leifeng on the south bank of West Lake. The first colored copper pagoda in China was built by the children of Huang Fei Huang Fei of Wuyue Kingdom. It is located in the old city of Hangzhou at the foot of Wushan. Many time-honored shops retain ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties. This ancient street attracts many tourists.

When you are young, travel is part of education; when you are old, travel is part of experience. How do you feel after reading this article? Do you want to travel to this beautiful place?

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